Getting closer to my Mega Project:

To Eradicate Child Labor

Due to child labor many children cannot get education. Due to lack of resources to meet the educational expenses some students who really want to get education are unable to do so. We can adopt the children from our surrounding and interview them if they really want to get education.

I am working with my team members to work on the problem statement how to eradicate child labor. To provide facilities or opportunities to those students who really want to get education but due to lack of resources they are unable to get education. So I with my team members will start a campaign or also involve the university students to work on it as these children are also the future of our country. Our main goal is to provide education to those who really want to get that and can become a good person or business man, doctor, engineer, teacher pilot whatever they want to be but for this they need our help so we can help them by collecting fund as most of the students in this fellowship are from different universities, institutes. So with my team members and also with your support we can do something for those students and can make their future secure. I also have an example of this kind of problem so if we implement it in other universities we can do better for them. I have example of my own university where there is an organization is working for the children who are involved in child labor and providing them with facilities to get admission to schools and also provide the necessities for their education.

1- We will involve the university students to collect funds for the children

2- Willing students will work to collect funds from their classes or during this covid we can do this through WhatsApp groups that we all have groups of our class.

3-We will start social media campaign to aware the people and also let others what is our motto.

4- We will conduct online seminars.

What we have to do?

First we need to identify the areas where the child labor is most common or we can also find such children in our surroundings. So first we will ask from the children whether he/ she want to get education or they want to get admission in school so if they have interest we can talk with their family and assure them that their children will get better education and by getting education they can do something really big and productive. By getting education they can become a good citizen and can do their own job and can also start their own business and could have a respectful profession. We conduct seminars now during the covid we can do it online by contacting to our team members and they further contact to their uni fellows and the willing students will collect funds from their class. In this way we can get a solution to our problem and it will also be an initiative step to try to eradicate child labor from our surroundings and from our city and eventually we can eradicate it from our society.